Spend time in the studio learning through practice. Our studio prints posters, bags and t-shirts for rallies and events. You can come help us with produce media for social movements and learn at the same time. Fill out the form below or send email to artbisondesigncoop@gmail.com.    

Currently we are accepting new members. If you are interested and want to know more, please, fill out the form below with the subject title "Become a Member." Tell us a little about yourself. What is your interest in screen printing? What interests you, and what excites you? What’s your relationship to intersectional feminism? (All answers are valid)


ABDC offers custom workshops for groups, parties, and events. We are happy to print at your event to add a hands-on creative experience. We also host public workshops out of our studios in Oakland and San Francisco. You can print our designs or make up your own. Pricing varies, tell us what your thinking and we’ll draw up a proposal.

Sign up for our email list, we send out schedules for upcoming events no more than once a month, generally it is quarterly. 

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